1. Echanson Provincial of the South Central Region
    Richard T. Smith
    Bailli/Conseiller, L'Ordre Mondial
    President of our local Chapter & Mondial Echanson Provincial of the South Central
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Charles W. Miller
    Commandeur Vice Challencier et Argentier
    In charge of administration, treasurer, and assistant to the Bailli.
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Les W. Stumpff
    Vice Conseiller Gastronomique 
    In charge of the preparation of the menu. Must be a non-professional.
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Joel S. Knox
    Vice Conseiller Culinaire
    In charge of the realization of the dinner. Must be a professional.
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Michael S. Jacobson
    Vice Chargé de Missions
    In charge of special functions or events designated by the local Chapter's Board.
  6. Phillips@mail.com
    Mark A. Kozinn
    Vice Chargé de Presse
    In charge of communication with the membership and the National Office.
  7. Phillips@mail.com
    Yves J. P. Durand
    Vice Échanson                  
    Assists Conseiller, L'Ordre Mondial with chapter functions, selects wines for events. Has responsibility for chapter wine cellar.
Previous Baillis of the Peachtree (Atlanta) Chapter

Bailli Honoraire, Maître de Table - E. Karl Boegner
Bailli Provincial, South Central - Karl-H Kunisch
Bailli Honoraire - Prof. Du vin - Frank X. Doherty
Bailli - Thomas W. Payne