Benefits of membership in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs may be enjoyed on three levels -- local, national and international. Members join a Bailliage or local chapter in their own community and participate in the various food and wine oriented functions offered throughout the year as well as educational activities and community service endeavors.

On a regional and national level, members may join a Chaîne-sponsored excursion, attend the national convention, and share the activities of chapters elsewhere in the country when space permits.

Similarly, on an international level, members traveling abroad may wish to participate in the vast array of activities, conventions and reunions which take place throughout the world.

Information concerning events in the U.S.A. may be obtained from the Bailli in the city you are visiting, from our National Office, or our publication, Gastronome. The Internationally distributed Bonne Table et Tourisme is a good source of information regarding events outside the U.S.A.

On all levels, for the greatest benefits, we encourage our members to use their identification cards to introduce themselves when dining out. In thousands of Chaîne associated restaurants and hotels, both at home and abroad, members are welcomed as friends. In general, one can anticipate being recognized as a diner who will appreciate any extra effort of the establishment or its staff. Even in restaurants who are not associated with the Chaîne the bearer of a Chaîne membership card is recognized as a special customer, one deserving and often receiving the best treatment.


In those areas where a Bailliage, or chapter has already been established, membership in the Chaîne is by invitation only. Except in the newest of chapters, it is not uncommon to find waiting lists of relatively extended duration.
 Notwithstanding the foregoing, if an individual is not acquainted with a member of the Chaîne, one may contact the Bailli or the National Office in order to ascertain current status of a particular chapter. It is our objective to encourage membership in the Chaîne, and in some circumstances, additional Bailliages have been established when the area's initial chapter was filled.
 As a rule, two members must endorse an application for membership, and the prospect must be approved by the Bailli of a local Bailliage. Annual dues and the appropriate initiation fee must accompany each application forwarded to the National Office.
 Once approved, members are welcome to participate in local, national, and international events. However, insignia of rank can be awarded only during induction ceremonies conducted by the Bailli Délégué or his authorized representative. Suitably embellished diplomas commemorating the ceremony are subsequently provided.
 All members pay an initiation fee and annual dues. Special reductions are offered to spouses sharing a common mailing address, to young adults under age 30, to full time students at an accredited school of the culinary arts, and to instructors at such schools.